Thursday, April 17, 2014

Masha Kirilenko is a business owner and clothing industry expert, co-founder of Fashion IQ in Moscow, Russia and owner of Fashion IQ New York City. Fashion IQ is a fashion and individualized designing consulting company functioning internationally with Russian talent that is becoming an incredibly dominant and bold pioneer out there. Prior to Masha's move to the fashion trend industry, however, she had a diversified and popular career in the Russian media.

Masha was raised in Moscow but moved to London in order to learn film. After receiving a Masters Degree in TV and Video Production from St Martin's College, Masha returned to Moscow to seek a profession focusing on Russian TV and radio. Throughout this period Masha began a PR Company sparked by her father's professional career as a famous and revered basketball player, a firm focused on representing professional athletes in Russia. It was in this work that she actually met and married her husband, NBA basketball player Andrei Kirilenko.

Andrei's basketball career took them to the U.S. and it is here that they began their family. After establishing an all new household in the US, Masha directed her spirit and involvement in style by starting a small boutique. Following the opening of her American boutique, Fleur De Lis, Masha opened another shop and showroom, Made In USA, in Moscow, Russia. She was able to develop partnerships with stylish American brands who were aiming to enter the Russian market by applying her expertise there and associations with the American apparel industry. Masha skillfully imported and exposed longed for labels, which had formerly been elusive, to the advancing Russian garment industry for the subsequent seven years. Over the course of this period of time Masha had two sons, Fedor and Stepan, and adopted Sasha, her daughter, from Russia.

Masha's constant grind to endorse all new brands in the Russian trade eventually brought her full circle to launching Fashion IQ, a PR and consulting company, as well as private styling agency in Moscow, Russia. Fashion IQ focused intensively on connections with tremendously respected Russian stylists, fashion designers, and has emerged as an organization to trust in the Russian fashion industry. Just recently, in 2013, Masha brought Fashion IQ to New York City, where she currently resides with her whole family, and provides a new Moscovian view of fashion to the US market. Masha's latest venture, Fashion IQ NYC, will launch in May 2014.

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